Web-based AJAX messaging client

A friend of mine just showed me this URL for a web-based messaging client.  I have not tried it out yet, but it looks interesting! It probably spells trouble for network administrators who can't firewall web traffic.  I do suppose they could block the website, but that does not mean other people will not take up the technology and implement it elsewhere.



Social Engineering

This is a great introduction to the art of social engineering that is one of the biggest security threats that many organizations do not consider when reviewing security policies and procedures.  This article is good information if you have friends that have not heard of the topic that work in IT.


Finally, industry heads are getting things right!


I saw this article in the November 15 2005 issue of CIO magazine (an extremely valuable issue I might add!) and realized that I needed to share the information in this issue. The article linked below is on requirements analysis. There are other articles in that issue on testing and quality assurance as well which are very good articles which address those areas from the CIO point of view (which in my opinion is good for anyone to at least be aware of).

For anyone who has ever been involved in a software project, this is the kind of information that CIO's need to help software development move out of the quagmire of failure that the industry has seen.

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CIO Magazine
NOV 15, 2005
How to Fix the Requirements Mess
Some CIOs are rewriting the rules for deciding what should be included in software.Some CIOs are rewriting the rules for deciding what should be included in software.

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